Cet amour-là

"Elle dit: non, ne pleurez pas, ce n'est pas triste, en rien, en aucun cas. Il s'agit de vous et de pas vous, oubliez votre personne, ça n'a aucune importance. Il ne faut pas se prendre pour un héros. Vous êtes rien. C'est ce qui me plaît. Restez comme ça. Ne changez pas. Restez. On va lire ensemble."

Yann Andréa

14 is start and stop

Lord my saviour you’re my fall
Not what you say or do but are
See. Lips and flesh they burn
Delicious endless flowers
Soft power of yours
Soft soft fingers that linger
Tender soul
Beauty and danger now look the same
See. Bright open eyes
Future too, joyful landscape
Love love love and more
I don’t know, why?
The sore is true as true as you
Blurred, injured
But soft also, mute
I’m deaf I think
Deaf but sound
Deaf but sad or deaf and sad
Who cares
I said it’s you, I know it’s you
Doesn’t mean I know
See. Just how good and fair
This life of pain and pleasure
Same for you
I can’t without, I’m lost within
The stupid feeling I need you
The stupid feeling makes me tiny sweety
Stupid bird of anguish and blood
Poor void, pure stomach ache
Turning twisting away my demons dance
The floor is out of the question
They say it’s in the air and I can’t say

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