Cet amour-là

"Elle dit: non, ne pleurez pas, ce n'est pas triste, en rien, en aucun cas. Il s'agit de vous et de pas vous, oubliez votre personne, ça n'a aucune importance. Il ne faut pas se prendre pour un héros. Vous êtes rien. C'est ce qui me plaît. Restez comme ça. Ne changez pas. Restez. On va lire ensemble."

Yann Andréa


Climbing bodies stepping over a hip and two heads
Growling in the back
Behind the glass a monster made of stripes is melting, nose first
“The colonel says your dad”
And darkness falls
Lying on the ground
Girls would rather sleep alone
Bunk beds bunk beds bunk beds
Stomping shelves
Glass cold floors
And the legs of an angel

There's a hole around the elbow
It’s perfectly round, the flesh was given to a higher God
Before the head turned into
Towards my neck
I know I felt the breath warm
and soft. It smelt like hay

The perfect drop slid down the wall
at the speed of a tongue analysing the frozen land
located between your right leg and the depth of your soul
Sun was shining sending painful messages to our brains

Walking in the streets looking for a place to eat a friend to sit with a thing to buy
A monster made of stripes
“The colonel says your dad”
And darkness fell

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