Cet amour-là

"Elle dit: non, ne pleurez pas, ce n'est pas triste, en rien, en aucun cas. Il s'agit de vous et de pas vous, oubliez votre personne, ça n'a aucune importance. Il ne faut pas se prendre pour un héros. Vous êtes rien. C'est ce qui me plaît. Restez comme ça. Ne changez pas. Restez. On va lire ensemble."

Yann Andréa

I came upon a crossroad

All those legs dog legs crawling running around up and down waiting behind the door what door
Wide open door

Ice cold plastic air right through my hip I know my hip the cold the legs don't work at all
I looked at them, felt my tongue seeing them
Dragons' eyes sparkle
I mean they look at you they never stop
Gaping mouths
Fury spine
Sitting waiting
Pretending to know
Dog's knowledge
Sniffing away
What trail where
The distance between me and you

It doesn't matter who you are
Numbers, papers, shelters
What shade where
Tiny creatures
Eyelids squashed and pulled and
Squashed and pulled and away
All torn
As if eyes

Bones will end up skulls
Will look great on the wall on the desk
Bones and skulls where once
Nerves also

Can you picture
Soft and sweet and trees
It's the star
Said I think so

Stones now
Knees and stones and glass
The lines exploding turning into
Deep  holes water black and thick and old
Eyes and mouths and cheeks and necks
All laughing
Sweet true laugh
Easy sweet easy
The trees are dancing

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